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EAL: Admission and Induction

24/06/2021 13.00 - 16.00

Level: All

It is vital to ensure that EAL learners, and their families, have the best possible start when they are admitted to a new school in the UK. This is a process that centres around two-way information-sharing to ensure that appropriate pastoral and academic support can be put in place.

This course offers an opportunity to review best practice guidance in relation to both strategic and operational induction processes for newly-arrived EAL learners.

We will consider:

  • what practice is already in place at your school with relation to ensuring new families feel safe, settled and valued;
  • what further systems can be put in place to meet the needs of new arrivals; and
  • how induction teaching can be set up to meet the language-learning needs of early-stage EAL learners.

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