1. Sounds good, but what actually is the Havering Academy of Leadership?

The Havering Academy of Leadership is a collaborative enterprise between Havering Local Authority, the East London Teaching School Hub, local and regional providers and headteachers, leaders, teachers and governors across all sectors within Havering. The aim of the Academy is to support, nurture and develop leaders and governors at all levels within schools, academies and colleges.

2. Why has the Academy been established?

We know that the key to effective provision and excellent outcomes lies first and foremost with leadership and management. We also know that we live in a very diverse educational landscape, with maintained schools, academies, free schools, local MATS, national MATS and so on. The Havering Academy of Leadership is an ambitious and innovative attempt to draw all these different provisions together in the interests of ensuring excellent leadership for all our children and young people.

3. Is the Academy itself a provider of training and leadership programmes?

The Academy is not a provider as such. Instead, it pulls together a wide range of leadership development programmes from Havering Education Services, the Teaching School Hubs and regional and national providers. The Academy may, from time to time, commission providers or organise conferences or training, but principally it will be show-casing, promoting and signposting opportunities.

4. Is the Academy all hype and no trousers?!

Well, it could be. If we all stand on the side-lines with our arms folded and just watch, then it could be less effective! So let’s be positive and optimistic - if we let this opportunity and collective goodwill fizzle out, it will be all our faults…!

5. What does the Academy offer?

Our aim is to ensure that all tiers of leadership can access high quality induction, training, support and development via clear career pathways (from career entry level, up to whole system leadership). The Academy signposts Leadership Programmes from a range of local, regional and national providers: courses and accreditations; on-site leadership support; leadership mentors. There is also an ‘Effective Practice Register’ and a ‘dating’ service for networking opportunities on a range of themes. The Academy also posts articles and publications and highlights new research. Importantly, the Academy also acts as an advocate in the interests of Havering educational leaders.

6. If it’s an ‘academy’, does that mean maintained schools cannot be a part of it?

No. The Havering Academy of Leadership is there to serve all educational establishments, irrespective of local governance arrangements. It’s an ‘Academy' in the original sense of the word!

7. So, is the Academy an actual building or is it a ‘virtual’ entity?

Events will be hosted across a variety of sites and venues.Currently, we don’t have a shiny Headquarters in the centre of Paris! As this is being coordinated by the Local Authority, the administrative base is at Mercury House, Romford.

8. Who actually runs the Academy?

The Havering Academy of Leadership is governed by an 18-strong Board, democratically nominated from the primary, secondary, tertiary and special school sectors, plus governors. The 3 local providers are also represented on the Board, which is currently chaired by a senior Local Authority officer. The Director of the Academy, for the set-up and implementation phase, is currently the senior LA Officer who chairs the Board.

9. What are the main priorities of the Academy?

The Academy has published 6 main priorities:

I. To ensure that the leadership and management within Havering schools and academies is at least good, with a strong aspiration for outstanding.

II. To ensure that all tiers of leadership can access high quality induction, training, support and development via clear career pathways (from career entry level, up to whole system leadership).

III. To promote innovative and flexible leadership structures within and across schools, in order to ensure improved pupil outcomes and cost-effective provision.

IV. To strengthen and align the work of all the strategic partners in relation to improving leadership (the LA, the Teaching Schools, all schools and academies, regional and national bodies).

V. To make more effective use of the expertise and good practice already in the system, so that we learn from the best leaders: local, regional, national, international.

VI. To develop the sustainable climate, conditions, opportunities and incentives, to recruit and retain top quality leaders and potential leaders of the future, and support succession planning.

10. What are the main functions of the Academy?

The Academy has published 10 main functions:

1. Oversight, monitoring and reporting on the Havering Leadership Strategy and its priorities.

2. Co-ordinating a coherent programme for leadership development for leaders at all levels and providing, commissioning or signposting opportunities as appropriate.

3. Monitoring and evaluating the range and quality of leadership programmes available to Havering leaders.

4. Collating a range of relevant data regarding training, attendance, accreditation, leadership and inspection outcomes.

5. Tracking, encouraging and fast-tracking local leadership talent to support succession planning.

6. Promoting the work and availability of NLEs, NLGs, LLEs, SLEs, local inspectors and consultants and lead practitioners.

7. Maintaining and promoting a Register of Effective Practice across the borough, in various areas.

8. Maintaining an online presence, sharing events, updates, publications.

9. Sharing the latest leadership developments and research and encouraging action research projects within the borough.

10. Advocacy for leadership within Havering

11. How is the Academy funded?

The Academy is looking at how it can ensure longer term sustainability. Funding is currently sourced from the Local Authority and the Schools Funding Forum.

12. How can I get involved with the Academy?

You can get involved in a number of ways:

a) Go on to our website and explore the opportunities. Make use of the courses, mentors, system leaders and networking opportunities….

b) Speak to your representative on the Havering Academy of Leadership Board to give feedback, ideas or to offer assistance…

c) Contact the Academy on 01708 433813 or by e-mail