Havering Education Services


Havering Education Services is the London Borough of Havering’s commercial brand of support services to education establishments. Our range of support services offer expert advice and development for many aspects of educational leadership, including:

  • Leadership and Governance
  • School Improvement and Curriculum
  • Facilities, Technical and Asset management
  • Administration, HR and Finance
  • Pupil and Staff Wellbeing
  • Brokerage of additional services not available from our in-house teams

The Havering School Improvement Service (HSIS) and Havering Governor Services (HGS) run a range of programmes and courses. We offer on-site support to develop leadership, governance, teaching and learning, assessment and curriculum.

Our service providers are highly regarded by schools, academies, colleges and early years providers. We have a long history of establishing strong partnerships and relationships with key stakeholders in these institutions. This ensures high quality day-to-day support leading to positive outcomes for children and young people.

  • We offer a holistic and integrated portfolio of support services.
  • Our providers are quality assured and accountable by local and national standards and like education institutions, we answer to Ofsted
  • We pride ourselves in offering support that will give you the ability to focus resources on what matters to your establishment
  • You will have access to a customer support team which offers a point of contact for all enquiries
  • Find out more about us – visit: http://hes.org.uk/AboutUs

Havering Education Services is a combination of integrated departments spread across three directorates: Children, Adults & Housing; Culture and Community; and OneSource. OneSource is the shared back office support service for Newham and Havering Councils.