Our purpose

We are SSAT, the Schools, Students and Teachers network.

We exist to help improve outcomes for all young people. As a membership organisation of schools and academies across the UK and internationally, we work with leaders, teachers and students to drive school improvement and innovation, and celebrate their successes. We believe in a truly school-led system, with schools working in partnership across and beyond the education sector.

At SSAT’s heart are our membership networks, bringing together school leaders, teachers and students. We have been working with schools for over 30 years, and continue to offer insight and understanding into teaching, learning and system leadership. Our professional development and school improvement programmes help leaders and teachers to further outcomes for all young people, and develop leadership at all levels across the system.

We are SSAT and we provide fresh ideas for ambitious schools.

Our convictions

We are SSAT and we:

  • have the interests of all young people at heart
  • empower school leaders and teachers to be autonomous and ambitious
  • are rigorous and professional
  • make considered responses to changing policy, research, markets and trends
  • bring schools together in meaningful ways.