TES Institute is one of the largest qualifiers of teachers in the UK, providing a fresh, practical approach to staff training developed by teachers, for teachers. By combining the very best in online learning with a network of highly experienced teacher trainers, TES Institute’s unique approach provides entirely personalised, flexible training to teachers at all stages of their career:

  • Before training: Subject Knowledge Enhancement programmes to prepare trainees and in-service teachers with non-relevant degrees to teach their chosen subject, studying online with tutor support.
  • Initial Teacher Training: The flexible length ‘Straight to Teaching’ programme which allows teaching assistants and other classroom staff to make the jump to QTS while remaining in their current role, with start dates throughout the year.

Ongoing support: For qualified staff, TES Institute's ongoing professional development platform, TES Learn, allows schools to create completely personalised CPD programmes for their staff which blend their own training with over 400 modules of award-winning online teacher training, helping all teachers to be more confident and successful in the classroom.